Love is in the air

We were looking to get some images of a couple, so we had a couples casting call and the winning couple got a free shoot and 5 free full resolution digital images.  I joke a lot saying my shoots are always an adventure, but this one was probably the wildest one yet.

So we were downtown behind a building doing some shooting and up drives guy who gets out and talks with us. Friendly chap, he then tells us he owns the building we are shooting behind and invites us inside for some of the 100 year old plus items he still has being used.  The short of the story is we ended up inside an 100+ year old elevator that we were able to capture some shots in. Both images below are from that elevator and are my fav’s from the session.

Where it got wild is when we were leaving the owner said we could take the elevator down. As he was closing the door he shared with us how it only gets hung up every once in awhile. And the last time he was stuck in it over night before someone could get him out.  If that wasn’t enough once it started moving he turned the bulb to where the light went out and he stopped the elevator. In that split second one starts thinking of exit strategies. He giggled and started it going again and moved the bulb turning the light back on.  What an adventure with the Smith family, hopefully they will want to go on another session sometime soon. 😉


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